Ways To Lower Owning and Operating Costs

Ways To Lower Owning and Operating Costs

Fuel Efficiency & Productivity

The one variable that many underestimate in determining fuel efficiency and productivity is the operator. An operator who is focused on improvement can get the same amount of work done in less time and with less fuel than an operator who isn’t. Used purposely, KOMTRAX becomes a very efficient operator coaching tool.

How do you use KOMTRAX as a coaching tool? Very simply you use KOMTRAX data to benchmark key efficiency indicators such as idle time, time in economy mode and hydraulic relief time and then set goals that encourage your operators to maximize production. Once benchmarked, KOMTRAX supplies the future measurements that become the feedback mechanism.


KOMTRAX data can help you lower your Owning and Operating costs by reducing fuel expenses and eliminating unproductive machine hours that drive depreciation and repair and maintenance costs.


KOMTRAX includes a variety of reports and records all designed to help you keep your Komatsu machines efficient and healthy. Depending on the model these can include:

  • Fleet Reports
  • Machine History Reports
  • Status Summaries
  • Location Summaries
  • Energy Savings
  • Fuel Consumption
  • Attachment Usage
  • Travel Records
  • Working Load Records
  • Caution Records
  • And More...